Site history

3 October 2018: Urgent upgrade of the database calls as the server change to PHP 7 had brought down the site.

28 February 2018: Site upgraded to https//.

4 July 2011: Site uploaded to a new server at Pair Networks.

30 June 2007: Another play, God we suffer from ecclesiastical piles! and a children's story Sir Harvey goes fishing, added to the site: The Conversion of Sadie Pintail.

2 June 2007: The first play added to the site: The Conversion of Sadie Pintail.

28 May 2007: Further minor errors corrected.

26 May 2007: Error on the links page corrected.

2 May 2007: Site launched at last.

18 April 2007: Further work in preparation for launching the site.

4 August 2006: Further work.

7 July 2006: Work on web development aspects including establishment of a database back-end.

May 2006: Assembling electronic versions of a complete list of works and of the first few works to go on the web.

April 2006: Initial work on the site, including registration of the domain name and creation of a 'coming soon' page.